Acoustic Zen

Munich Audio Show 2016

Munich 2016 Positive Feedback - Brad Morrical

My Top 5 Systems at the Munich High-End Show

This is the first time I had heard an Acoustic Zen/Triode set up, and I am glad I found this room in one of the ground floor halls.

The sound was great! It was open, direct, and just slightly warm (thanks to an all tube front end, no doubt). I was most impressed with the overall balance to the sound, and in spite of the small, not well-insulated room, the bass was powerful and controlled with superb texture.

The Crescendo speaker is also very coherent, and Robert Lee told me that it is also phase- and time-coherent…it sure sounded that way to me, with the drivers integrating well, despite the fact that I was sitting quite close to the speakers. Tonality was slightly to the warm side of neutral, but did not step over into the "golden" hued zone. High frequencies were delicate and well differentiated, but I almost didn't notice because the whole was so well integrated and music just poured forth.

Acoustic Zen Crescendo loudspeaker - While again this direct radiating speaker doesn't have quite the presence of a good horn, its freedom from obvious coloration and its easy resolution, while simply refusing to sound clinical, was impressive indeed.

Given the price of the total system coming in at around 50K euro, this is in my opinion one of the best values in a true high end system at the show.

Even though I am definitely a horn and planar speaker lover, this is one dynamic speaker based system I could live with. In fact, this might be the overall easiest to live with system of my top 5 (except perhaps the heat from those big monoblocks), and it is far less expensive than any of them (this whole system was quite a bit cheaper than just the speakers or an amp in the other systems).